Taking your productivity to the edge

7900 Duo

  • Two Facing Spindles

  • Automation

  • High Accuracy

  • Small Footprint

  • Easy to Use

Double your productivity with the 7900 Duo Dicing Saw

Setting new industry standards for productivity, affordability, automation, and ease of use.

The 7900 Duo Dicing Saw is configured with two facing spindles that simultaneously dice the wafers, doubling productivity. The dicing saw is fitted with a front mount spindle eliminating the thermal effect that causes cut misplacement, resulting in increased yield.

The system’s small footprint, combined with high throughput and automation, results in reduced expenses and lowers the cost of ownership (CoO), consequently delivering lower cost per die.

The powerful automated vision system aligns the wafers and provides Y offset correction and Kerf check to ensure maximum precision.

Ease of Use
The system is equipped with a 17” touch screen and easy to use NUI system for intuitive and efficient programming, set up and operation.

Ideal for LEDs, image sensors, discrete devices, RFIDs, SAW devices, MEMS, and other products that require long cut cycle time

Highly accurate system delivers low cost, high performance


  • Two facing spindles enable simultaneous dicing
  • Low vibration platform
  • Fast automatic alignment and cut positioning increase throughput
  • Small footprint reduces cost of ownership
  • Automatic Kerf inspection increases yield
  • Automatic Y offset correction ensures maximum precision
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Air bearing feed axis (X)
  • Multiple cuts per index


  • Advanced multi magnification vision system
  • High power spindle for hard and thick applications
  • Dressing station
  • Geometrical Model Finder (GFM)
  • Multi panel support
  • Dicing floor management (DFM)
  • Shrinkage compensation feature
  • Broken wafer recognition
  • Tape surface detection
  • Customized chucks